Carpe Diem – Sieze the day. 🙌

A good pic a day, keeps negativity away. 🍃

Welcome to my blog Luna Leaves. 🌿📷
Wandering (& wondering!) around in my lavishly green and somewhat wild college (and sometimes city), I take pictures of gardens, trees, plants, flowers, sky, sun, moon & lights. It has been two years, and with the overgrowing collection of more than 1200 pictures, I wanted to share these beautiful photos with everyone. One thing I can certainly say is that this is not about photography, coz I just randomly click while wandering, the credit of all the pictures goes to almighty nature.

So talking about me, I easily get obsessed, especially for elements of nature🍀, sun🌝, moon🌜and light🌌. Perhaps this is the reason behind my large collection, I have captured photos of same place many times, and of some many many many times :p. Change and transformation have been another obsession, the place maybe same, but a lot changes in two years, and these pictures themselves say a lot, which drives me to keep capturing more and more..

On Luna Leaves I’ll post two photos each day, morning and at night to cheer up your day.
Simplicity is what I crave for, these pictures won’t be of enormous scenery, mountains, rivers or oceans. Just some green pics and sky and sun, moon & light, of course✨… with occasional quotes✒, stories behind pictures,📖 or some poems written by me📝… to cheer up you day 😇…

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Have a nice day! 😁
by the way, this is bhavesh khatnani…

Do visit my other blog as well – Xpecto Lumos


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