Nostalgic Monday

ah! it’s again monday! and another week☀️…
when it’s one of those nostalgic mondays; you are so lost in thoughts, you don’t wanna get up and break the flow; it’s so serene inside, sailing on clouds💭 under the warmth of childhood & childish🏡 days…
maybe some part of me wanted to scribble these feelings✍️; but lately, I haven’t had urge to open a notebook, hold a pen and weave these entangled thoughts🗯️ with words; instead I just sail over the la la land;🍃
besides not every story is meant to be told; sometimes it’s just enough to feel;🙌

luna leaves nature sunlight monday ahmedabad

but then you realize, oh! it’s evening already🙄… you have to come back; there’s so much you want to do, but have to finish what you started🌫️… journey back to the present is a bit challenging, coz those thoughts keep bugging; you notice omens & smile🙃; keep walking; and you are back to you… Ah! a whole new week to breathe more life…😇

Have a nice week ahead…😁


One thought on “Nostalgic Monday

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